Lights and Alerts 2020 mission and moving forward.


  • Our mission for 2020 is to provide excellent customer service!
  • Grow and maintain a steady reliable supply of products and business for the company.
  • Establish LIGHTS and ALERTS as a LLC.

Changes for 2020

Over the year 2020 i hope to see some big changes for Lights and Alerts. Below is a short list of planned changes!

  • Store Front / Shop / Physical Location! To some degree in 2020 we will have some sort of space to work out of. There are a lot of challenges in this from a financial and logistical aspect.
  • Expanding our come to you services. The creation of the company was primarily based on emergency vehicles and equipment on them. However due to the tight market and stiff competition in the area I can’t see the company growing on emergency vehicle services alone “It hasn’t up to this point”. So moving into the private sector seems like a logical solution.
  • Wholesale Accounts
  • Quicker turn around times. Products in stock and quicker processing for orders that must be shipped from suppliers or manufactures
  • Expanded product lines

Expanding “Come to you” Services

This year we are going to start coming to you to!

  • Change headlight, tail light, turn signal, and interior compartment bulbs.
  • Oil Changes
  • Brakes
  • Windshield Wipers
  • All of this expands our installation services for Emergency Lighting, Amber Lighting, Radios, Camera Systems, Off Road Light Packages.

Expanded Product Lines

For 2020 we are adding!

  • SHO-ME “Able 2 Products”
  • Heise
  • Ibeam Vehicle Safety Systems
  • Shuriken High Performance Batteries
  • Metra Power Sports
  • Other product lines not yet confirmed.

Thank You

Nathan Dollinger – Lights and Alerts